First NTTP TeaApproval for 2014 – Van Taylor for State Senate, District 8

This one was an easy decision for the NTTP Vetting Committee  based on his record and our own knowledge of his work in Austin. Van Taylor has an exceptionally conservative record in his two terms as State Representative, but more importantly, he has a unique capacity for developing and judging legislation objectively, irrespective of influences from lobbying groups or established power structures.  Anyone who goes to Austin and actually watched the legislature in action would take note of the number of consultations with Van that are sought by other members.  Van was one of very few willing to stand up to budget shenanigans that have become more prevalent in Austin of late.  The State Senate is in dire need of such wise and objective conservative characteristics.  And Van Taylor is one who can deliver them.

UPDATE: Texans for Fiscal Responsibility just released Van’s score for the past session.  100%!  We expected no less!



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