John Cornyn Pulls out for Defund Obamacare Effort

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It is easy for the GOP elitists up in Washington DC to decide that allowing Obamacare to go through at the end of this year to show what a dismal failure it is sounds like a good idea.  Those folks there are NOT the ones who will be losing jobs, hours, and affordable medical coverage.  We, the citizens of Texas, WILL be.  Sen. John Cornyn originally attached his name to the effort to defund Obamacare.  However, he apparently has bowed to the pressure from GOP ‘leadership’ to pull his name from that effort.

This is NOT about blame; this is about saving jobs, our economy, and our healthcare- and this is the VERY LAST opportunity to do so. 

Call John Cornyn and ask him to represent his Constituents, NOT the Party Elite, and get back into the effort to defund this beast! 



2 Responses to John Cornyn Pulls out for Defund Obamacare Effort

  1. Will Baley says:

    Is there anyone similar to Ted Cruz that can run against John Cornyn in the primary?

    • Mike O says:

      Still looking for a a canddidate with enough resources, recognition and conservative cred willing to take up the challenge. Stovall is a nice guy, but not nearly enough of any of them to be competitive.