NTTP Meeting: Thursday, the 18th

Meeting went well, with 70+ participants.  An active lively discussion insure on how imprtant this work has become.


Here is the  Upload of the HB2 Fight in Austin

Here is the Upload of the SLIDE presentation of Vetting Candidates.  Jim Bright delved deeper int the actuall interview process than will be found here.

The Upcoming Obamacare Disaster (continued)- Be warned and informed on what is coming,  We are currently maintaining a link list of some of this here.  The Tea Parties were right about the IRS intimidation and we are about to be proved right on the disastrous nature of the badly misnamed ‘Affordable Care Act’. To paraphrase Jeff Goldbloom for Jurassic Park as the dinosaurs started eating people:

  • “Gawd, we hate it when we’re right all the time!”

One Response to NTTP Meeting: Thursday, the 18th

  1. Cheryl Williams says:


    I have a conflict on Thursday night but would love to get together sometime next week and talk if you’re in town and have some time.

    Cheryl Williams