HB2 Passes; Leftists show ZERO class

The Texas State Senate passed (19-11 as expected) House Bill 2 , the REASONABLE restrictions on abortion bringing the centers up to day surgery standards and pushing the federal restrictions from 24 weeks back to 20 weeks, WITH exceptions.  We could go into excruciating detail, but it really came down to this: the pro-life/pro representative democracy supporters in blue acted with complete class; the pro-abortion/mob rule supporters in Orange had a healthy minority of their supporters acting with a complete LACK of class. We personally felt sorry for the majority of Orange-wearing supporters who had their cause so thoroughly embarrassed by the antics.

The end antics included people screaming from the gallery, chaining themselves to the railing in the gallery, and various other acts that got over 20 arrested.  It could have been much worse; the police searched the bags going in and found 18 bottles of feces, 3 of paint, one of urine, a BRICK, and INNUMERABLE feminine hygiene products- many of them used.  It was clear the Loonie Left desired to rain this stuff down on our Senators- or on pro-life supporters..  Add to that the hours of scream-chanting and other general hostility to the basic process of governance, only restrained somewhat by the presence of 270 incredibly professional DPS officers.  Our experience was from the 2nd floor down, where we worked to evacuate hundreds of pro-lifers from the area where the other side was working its way up to near-riot conditions : here is a report from the Senate chambers areaAnd here is Candy Noble’s report.

The Left really have no clue and celebrated Wendy Davis at the end of all this as if they won, or at least put on a useful display.  They did neither, as they will learn next year.

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