Contesting Mob Rule in Austin

UPDATE 5:  Could you be strong enough to deal with this for 9 hours? Can you at least go support those who can?

UPDATE 4:  Jodie Laubenberg and Scott Sanford get death threats; WILL YOU STAND WITH THEM?
You know you’ve REALLY gone over the edge when even the SATAN WORSHIPERS distance themselves from you!

Without the paid sideshow of Monday and when the rubber REALLY meets the road, the Pro-life/anti-mob crowd crushed them in registrations (2,181 for the bill, 1,355 against), crushed them in Testimony, crushed them in the committee vote (8-3). A Texas-sized beatdown all the way around. Oh wait: they DID crush us in one thing – obnoxious chanting!
July 9th may require another effort so stay tuned!  In the meantime, here’s a MUST SEE report on the antics in Austin.  The Pro-Life movement faced such things in 9 CONTINUOUS HOURS in the rotunda   The most glaring contrast of class and classlessness that you will EVER see.

Update2:  The picture below looks pretty impressive for the pro-abortion forces, doesn’t it?  It isn’t: They were hoping for 10,000 but ended up with about 4,000  There is a core of about 1500-2000 of Austin residents college, homeless, and others) that could just about qualify as semi-professional protestors. We’ve seen the same ones at education rallies, pro-abortion rallies, gay rights rallies, etc. They consider it fun and worthwhile WHEN the free food is involved. But try asking them who their state rep or state Senator is.  And now, our folks have found Craiglist entries offering to PAY people to show up, as has happened before; a standard MoveOn tactic.  Add to that a NATIONALLY orchestrated effort for buses from all over (some possibly out of state) by the well-oiled community organizor types.
Pro-life forces number several hundred and growing;  more difficult to get actual PRODUCERS and people with responsibilities and families to uproot on short notice.  But tomorrow will be MUCH better for Pro-Life crowd, as people have made the adjustments.  The wonderful Pro-life and defenders of Representative Democracy have been the advanced patrol, the army is rolling up behind them. It may not match the purchased mob, but it will be impressive enough when it counts.  And the purchased mob is not NEARLY enough to thwart the proper exercise of our representative democracy; this ain’t Wisconsin.


Update1: things are coming together; 4 primary pro-life groups will have the lead on this with us Tea-party types acting to assist them in management of things, as we have more counter-protest experience.  Things may be a bit rough on Monday for the pro-life/pro-representative democracy supporters with less than ideal support to start.  But by Tuesday all structural pieces should be in place.
The Occupy people, socialists and anarchists have decided they are going to build on the mob rule that occurred briefly in State senate this week over SB5 and TRY TO SHUT DOWN OUR STATE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS.  This page will be updated with ways to contest that as things develop, but the first task is to have witnesses appear for the House hearing on what is NOW HB2, the bill to apply day surgical center standards to abortion clinics  and to ban late term abortions (past 20-weeks- 5 months) in all but medical cases.  WE NEED BODIES IN AUSTIN ON TUESDAY; testimony starts at noon, but the earlier the better!

If you can be articulate and knowledgeable on the issue, can deal with hostile questioning, had relevant personal stories, and have the patience to wait MANY HOURS to give 3 minutes of effective testimony, we need to you sign up to testify.  These testimonies are CRITICAL!

The color to wear to support the bill- and the return of our representative government from mob rule- is BLUE!

Bring water and cameras; we need objective video of the insanity of the mobsters, which was quite lacking last time.

We practice Gandhi-style tactics here, folks; IRON-CLAD self-discipline, PEACEFUL, CALM, INSISTENT!



(BTW: the opposition is out there planning- and not very secretive about it.  Here is some of their documentation and arguments, as silly as they are:

Fetuses don’t feel pain because we say so. and women don’t need REAL quality Health care.

The national anarchists weigh in.  Actually useful Alinsky tactics here, applicable either way.

15 Responses to Contesting Mob Rule in Austin

  1. marci59 says:

    My sister and a friend and I are planning on driving to Austin. We are wondering where to meet at the Capital and what time Tuesday? We are thinking about speaking but would like more info on what type of testimony you are looking for.

  2. Orange says:

    You know your group is named after a VERY unruly mob that destroyed property, and you’re protesting protestors who are peaceably gathered? Oh, the irony.

  3. wellsdc says:

    Do you have links or screenshots of these Craigslist ads? It seems like that would be quite a scoop.

  4. […] North Texas Tea Party is at it again, insisting that the bulk of the opposition to SB5′s reincarnations, HB2 and SB9, comes from […]

  5. F. Ortman says:

    The Republicans couldn’t pass this bill in regular session — Texas law requires a two-thirds Senate majority for these measures, and the GOP simply didn’t have it. So instead of building support the old-fashioned way for this radical legislation, Gov. Perry decided he’d just change the rules. He called a special session after the end of the normal legislative period, and his friend, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, declared they no longer needed a super majority vote.

    What they didn’t count on was opposition from citizens who knew the rules and wouldn’t stand by while Republicans cheated. In the House, GOP committee members shut down legally mandated public hearings when witness after witness testified that they resented this intrusion into private, personal medical decisions; then committee members voted on the bill in a private room where the public couldn’t see what they were doing.

    And finally, in the move that earned them national disdain, they tried to use every dirty trick in the book to shut down Davis’ historic talking filibuster in the final hours of this widely watched session.

    • Mike O says:

      Laughable. A few hundred ‘Citizens’ trying to stop what MILLIONS of voters decided by voting for their representatives. This ‘radical legislation’ whose ACTUAL CONTENTS were supported by 62% in a recent poll of Texans, is NOT going to be blocked by the Rule of the Mob. Applying the SAME MEDICAL STANDARDS to ALL day surgery is not too much to ask.
      And, when this QUITE REASONABLE legislation is passed- and the Pro-life and anti-Mob Rule throw a BIG rally for the WINNING heroes of this legislative process- Jodie Laubenberg and Donna Campbell- the media will naturally try to refuse to cover it. But that video will ALSO be out there.

  6. […] Texas is a hotbed right now, and should be. Planned Parenthood and NARAL have PAID thousands of ‘people’ to chant, hate, debase, spit on and terrorize peaceful prolifers. It is these PAID SATANIC TERRORISTS that want abortion law so lax that pedophiles and pimps will not be reported or jailed. These are the same folks that protect identities of rapists of minors for the sake of legal baby killing AND THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. […]