The Kabuki Theater of SB5 in Austin


Update 2: It didn’t take long; the Governor called ANOTHER special session, starting July 1st. This one has one true purpose: to defend the right to have representative government as opposed to mob rule in the state of Texas.  And, if you will not commit to driving down to Austin to spend some time defending your elected representatives, you WILL be voting to support mob rule.  This time we MUST SHOW UP!

UPDATE: In the most appalling legislative debacle witnessed at ANY level of government in over 50 years, the State Senate announced- 3 hours after declaring SB5 had passed- that SB5 had NOT passed.  This after the catheter-sustained filibuster fell an hour short, after every delaying tactic, mob rule from the gallery took over, encouraged by Democrat lawmakers. The only remedy to this Dewhurst-produced kabuki mega-tragedy is to call a SECOND special session and make sure SB5 gets passed.  Otherwise, mob rule has totally replaced representative governance for Texas.  David Dewhurst, are you ready to dip into your millions to pay the taxpayers back for your buffoonery?  Here is an excellent piece on it.

Well, this evening, Senate Bill 5  (requiring abortion centers to actually meet standards expected of ANY day surgery facility, for the chemical abortion drug to be used in accordance to FDA recommendations, and banning most late-term abortions- past 20 weeks) will get filibustered to ‘run out the clock’ and not become law.  This has been a massive, noisy piece of Kabuki theater, stage managed by the legislative leadership to have the effort .  Odds are, the Democrats will succeed, but we may yet be surprised by success, if the Democrats bobble the ball in the least.  If Wendy doesn’t, ‘leadership;’ will get what they wanted; It will turn their ‘friendly enemy’ into a hero for the pro-abortion movement, fatten up her financial coffers so she has some chance to stay in the senate with her R-leaning district.  If she was unseated, it would only one Dem to break the super-majority (and there IS one pro-life Dem) and things would get uncomfortable in the country club the State Senate has become.  Why some of the fully liberalized GOP members might have to vote with the Dems on some things that would be embarrassing.

In calling it Kabuki theater, it is NOT to condemn the honest efforts and strongly expressed desires of 90+ % of the House Representatives involved on this issue.  We cannot express our gratitude enough to Jodie Laubenberg who has led this fight, along with the core of Republican women of the Texas House (the supporters of this bill were NOT going to give the other side the optics of a man speaking at length in support of this bill, other than actual medical professionals.  The liberals LOVE to play the gender card on this issue.)  We have never been prouder of our Collin County and other nearby Representatives for how they have handled themselves on this. We can even give some respect to the Democrats, who supported their beliefs, using the tools and tactics that a opposition party with such small numbers are left with.  But what We DO have contempt for was the DELIBERATE scheduling of this issue in the special session this late to let this theater piece be acted out as it has.  There was NOTHING precluding the leadership form scheduling the start of this a week earlier; literally, they had adjourned the House for many days of a 30-day session.  And there is a good possibility of a SECOND special session being called, just for this topic; a MASSIVE waste of time and money brought on by this gamesmanship.

As we have been saying for a LONG time; the leadership of the House- and the Senate- need to change for there to be a reduction of blatant corruption and game playing.  And we add to that one thing else; the RULES must change to allow a super-majority of the legislative body- in LIMITED instances – to bypass a Committee Chair and the Calendar Committee on works of importance that they have clearly failed to follow up on.

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