Bennett Ratliff Displays Political Cowardice

Well what one might expect from the MOST LIBERAL GOP freshman in the Texas State house?  (By the NE Tarrant Tea Party guide, scoring a MISERABLE 25%, lower than at least one DEMOCRAT.)

A little more background on the Ratliff clan and the educrats they support (NOT teachers)

After piling up a record so out of tune with his constituents (at least his REPUBLICAN ones), Bennett had to do SOMETHING.  What he did is go to the big spending bosses in the State legislature and ask for a small change to his district’s map.  The new map cuts out one small area of Irving and dumps it into a Democrat’s district – the neighborhood where conservative Matt Rinaldi lives.  An attempt at political protection at its very sleaziest.  All conservatives of North Irving and Carrollton should take note of this- and Bennett’s appalling record in the House – and work to retire this unethical Democrat in GOP clothing.  This next election is NOT the time to sit around and TALK about the problems; it’s time to get up and work full-tilt to vote the problems OUT!


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  1. […] This time, he is pitted against an incumbent (Bennett Ratliff) with an APPALLING record as one of the most LIBERAL (not even moderate) GOP members in the house, who often voted with the Democrats against the GOP majority.  Ratliff’s reaction to addressing his re-election and his miserable record was to try to draw M… […]