NTTP Meeting 6/6/2013

Back to meeting again.  A pretty decent turnout of 35 despite the fact that the Golden Corridor Republican Women were having their social event going on at the same time.


Here is John Smith’s review of the 83rd Texas state legislative session.  The sessions was rather depressing for conservatives, as John describes:

2 Responses to NTTP Meeting 6/6/2013

  1. sandy says:

    Cornyn voted for amnesty last week…Cruz did the right thing..heard from a women from Arlington Tea Party that there is a young Conservative from East Texas who wants to run against Cornyn.

    • Mike O says:

      He voted to CONSIDER it. it is upcoming votes that REALLY matter. And you won’t be able to knock off a John Cornyn with just some ‘Young Conservative’ from East Texas. The only person we’ve heard mentioned that we think would have a shot would be Rep. Louie Gohmert (Abbott would, too; but he wants to be Governor. Many of us dream of Raphael Cruz taking the shot to put an AWESOME father-son team up there, but that’s just a dream.