A Rather Surprising Thing about Sam Johnson

This will come as quite a shock to many of Sam’s constituents. Sam Johnson has been secretly working for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ with some very liberal Democrats- and has been for some timeVERY disappointing to many of us; not only the effort, but the lack of transparency.

The main goal of ANY viable immigration reform is to stop the oft-repeated cycle of quasi-amnesty, followed by another, LARGER wave of illegal immigrants (and yes, that IS the term; not pleasant, but that’s what they are, especially to LEGAL immigrants. It doesn’t make them any less human, nor is reflective of any specific ethnicity; it is a LEGAL status,)

Two major issues exist that will assure a repeat;  with NO acceptable solutions seriously proposed by anyone in authority.

The first is that NO ONE has proposed serious legislation (as opposed to legislation to be proposed- and voted down) to significantly reduce the DRAW for these immigrants- jobs that essentially have a requirement that the holder of the job BE ILLEGAL. Avoiding insurance, taxes, safety and labor regulations that add substantially to the cost of an employee.  The employee ALSO benefits, with ‘underground income’ not being taxed nor recorded (allowing family members to qualify for government benefits due to lack of income).  Every plan to legalize current illegal immigrants will very likely cost these many of these newly legalized residents their jobs, because they no longer fit the basic requirement.   Any attempt to impede these jobs instantly brings vehement opposition from very powerful interests in agricultural and construction businesses; semi-slave labor keeps things cheap.

The second major issue is unresolvable with putting a big crimp in the first.  That second issue is real, INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIABLE, MEASURABLE border security.  No border is absolutely secure (even the old Berlin wall, with all the lethality they maintained).  But every proposed measurement of improved border security is to be measured AND determined by people who are completely biased in their motivation; no ‘independence’ involved.  For example, the Rubio plan has a 90% of the seen are captured by the Border Patrol; the administration could simply have them not look!

Without these two aspects firmly in place, there is no solution; just another cycle.

One Response to A Rather Surprising Thing about Sam Johnson

  1. Julie Richards says:

    I have voted for him for years but he has lost my vote now. I hope he is challenged or retires this next election.