Message to OFA: Learn from MoveOn and Don’t Bother

Well, this weekend Organizing for Action (Obama’s campaign organization) attempted to protest at Ted Cruz’s office about his opposition to the Democrat’s version of gun control. The effort turned into an embarrassment as they were out-numbered 3 to 1 from counter-protestors from various Tea Parties and conservative groups.  This was accomplished without even making a general ‘call-to arms’ to the conservative email lists; if that had been done, it could have been 10 to 1.  The story of this protest got picked up by Breitbart and Instapundit to assure the embarrassment was better known.

It’s sad the liberals learned few lessons from their repeated humiliation in the Dallas area during the Obamacare debate days a few years back.  They repeatedly tried to demonstrate ‘grassroots support’ (guided by paid organizers) at various offices and town hall meetings, only to get repeatedly swamped by all-volunteer counter-protestors, outnumbering them often 3 to 1 or far more (examples, here, here, here, and here).  Out of 15 attempts, only twice did they muster numbers in excess to counter-protestors.

Bottom line: the Left in the DFW area is far worse at protesting than the conservatives are at counter-protesting them.  As stubborn as the MoveOn group was, they finally learned this lesson and gave up the effort.  The question is,: how long will it take the OFA (containing some of the same people as the MoveOn group) to learn the same lesson?  It will only get worse for them, as the how thoroughly the Democrat’s ‘Affordable Care’ Act will turn into a healthcare holocaust comes to light- as we predicted 4 years ago.

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