State GOP Reps who are Conservative ‘Posers’

We believe in a “3 strikes, you are out!” rule.  Below are lists of Texas State GOP Representatives who voted against the conservative position in budget amendments yesterday (there WAS some confusion on the first one on what they were voting for; but remember, it’s THREE strikes). If your GOP representative is on ANY of these 3 lists, you might want to ask them politely why.  But if they are on all three, don’t bother; just consider working on getting yourself a new representative.  (Caution; we tried to screen out the Dems; may have missed one or two.)
Medicaid expansion support:
Aycock; Bonnen, D.; Callegari; Cook; Crownover; Darby; Davis, J.;
Farney; Farrar; Geren; Harless; Hunter; King, K.; King, P.; King, S.;
Larson; Longoria;  Miller, D.; Morrison; Orr; Otto; Patrick; Pitts;
Price; Raney; Ratliff; Ritter; Sheffield, J.; Simmons; Simpson;
Smith; Smithee; Strama; Workman;  Zerwas
Opposed to Vouchers/scholarship credits
Ashbyn; Aycock; Bell; Bonnen; Burkett; Callegari; Clardy; Cook;
Craddick Darby; Davis; Farney; Frullo; Geren; Harper-Brown; Huberty;
Hunter; Kacal; Keffer; King, K.; King, S.; Klick; Kolkhorst; Kuempel;
Lewis; Miller; Orr; Otto; Paddie; Patrick; Perry; Phillips; Pitts;
Price; Ratliff; Sheets; Sheffield, J.; Sheffield, R.; Simpson; Smith;
Smithee; Springer; Stephenson; Villalba; White; Workman; Zerwas
Opposed to moving money from Film grants to Retired Teachers
Anderson; Ashby; Aycock; Branch; Burkett; Callegari; Clardy;
Cook; Craddick; Crownover; Darby; Davis, J.; Davis, S.; Farney;
Frullo; Geren; Gonzales; Harless; Harper-Brown; Hilderbran; Huberty;
Hunter; Kacal; Keffer; King, K.; King, P.; King, S.; Kolkhorst; Kuempel;
Larson; Lavender; Lewis; Miller, D.; Morrison; Murphy; Orr; Otto;
Paddie; Patrick; Phillips; Pitts; Price; Raney; Ratliff; Riddle;
Ritter; Sheffield, J.; Sheffield, R.; Smith; Stephenson; Villalba;
Workman; Zerwas
Aycock; Callegari; Cook; Darby; Farney; Geren; Hunter; King, K.;
King, S.; Miller; Orr; Otto; Patrick; Pitts; Price; Ratliff;
Sheffield, J.; Smith; Workman; Zerwas

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