Fighting for the 2nd Amendment

Texas House Committee to Hold Public Hearings on NRA-Backed Campus Carry and Open Carry Bills this Week in Austin. The membership is below.  These bills need to get through this committee and should with enough support.
The Texas House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety will hold public hearings on the NRA-supported measures listed below this Thursday, March 14, in Room E2.010 of the Capitol Extension in Austin. This committee normally meets at 8:00 am, but with their full agenda, it is the intention of the chairman to take testimony on the firearm-related measures after the House adjourns from its floor session early in the afternoon. Please contact committee members and urge them to support these important pro-Second Amendment bills.
House Bill 972 , House Bill 1313, and House Bill 706 by Rep. Allen Fletcher (R-Cypress), Rep. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) & Rep. Giovanni Capriglione (R-Southlake), respectively, would allow adult Concealed Handgun Licensees to protect themselves in buildings and facilities located on the campus of a public college or university.
Here are the board members.  Concentrate on contacting (by phone if possible) the offices marked in bold.  This is a SOLID republican group, so they just primarily need to here support, because you KNOW they’ll be hearing from the gun-grabbers.

Chair: Rep. Joseph Pickett  (512) 463-0596
Vice Chair: Rep. Allen Fletcher  (512) 463-0661
Rep. Philip Cortez  (512) 463-0269
Rep. Tony Dale  (512) 463-0696
Rep. Dan Flynn  (512) 463-0880
Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt  (512) 463-0682
Rep. George Lavender  (512) 463-0692
Rep. Kenneth Sheets  (512) 463-0244
Rep. Ron Simmons  (512) 463-0478

The issue here can be couched in the term of protection of women.  Statistics indicate that between one in four and one in five women suffer sexual assault on campus.  With campuses being gun-free zones, the perps have a LOT fewer limitations on activity. We need to support women’s right to protect themselves as they see fit.

Whooops!  Pictures like this group are not really what the gun grabbers like to see!  Especially when one of the participants in Babette Holder, Eric Holder’s cousin!

Click this link to watch their press conference supporting our gun rights.


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