Second Amendment Assaults Across the Nation

This will be an accumulation of gun grabbing activities across the country; in Washington, DC AND at the state level, where are coordinated efforts underway.

This first and most frightening piece comes out of Washington State. When liberals are in a hurry or overly giddy, they make a serious mistake and reveal their true intent. Annual home searches by police for ‘assault rifles’; an ‘accidental’ inclusion in the bill? Only in that it was probably the second shoe that is supposed to be dropped later.

Both Minnesota AND Missouri had nearly identical bills filed – ones that DEMAND ALL ‘assault rifles’ be turned into the police within 90-180 days from the passage of the bills:

Colorado is working on limiting magazines and rolling back a concealy carry provision for college campuses.  Some of the arguments presented for the latter are getting downright sillyThen there are the police advising to confront shooters- unarmed. One Dem state senator suggested fighting back, armed with…. pens.

Department of Justice admits an assault weapons ban is “unlikely to have an effect on gun violence,” – WITHOUT the kind of massive buyback/confiscation that occurred in Australia – And then the effect would ONLY be on the rare mass casualty events that are less than 1% of homicides by guns.

Comcast is refusing to carry cable ads for gun stores nationwide

Gun Manufacturers are fighting back:

And the state of Texas certainly is fighting back:

And technology like 3D printing will REALLY foil attempts to limit magazine capacity,

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  1. Dennis John says:

    Veto Texas Senate Bill 247! – Please take some time to investigate this matter for yourself. Texas was a unique law that allows property owner’s past due on their property taxes to take out a loan from a state licensed lender to pay their property taxes. Consumers avoid or minimize the late-payment penalties imposed by borrowing at Substantially Cheaper interest rates than the effective APR of the counties’ penalties. A special interest law firm (Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson in Texas) that represents the counties has teamed up with bankers and so called “community” groups in a back room deal to get this law passed. It was passed with little, if any public attention or press coverage. It is sitting on the Governor’s desk now awaiting his signature. But there is still time to stop it! Please call Governor Rick Perry’s office at 512-463-2000 and implore him to veto the bill!