Gun Appreciation Day plus a Dallas Gun ‘Rescue’ Effort

Rallies at nearly every state capitol in the country today.

Here are the pictures on Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy site.

A collection of others on The Blaze.

Writeups of the Texas effort from the Ft. Worth paper and the Texas Trib – not friendly sources, of course.  Naturally, no pictures in them to show the size of the crowd.

UPDATE: Texas Trib video piece is now out:

And in Dallas, there was an interesting effort.  The Presbyterian church associated with the Stewpot in downtown Dallas decided to schedule a gun buyback for today; a gun rights group decided to have a competing ‘gun rescue’ effort across the street to auction off guns to make sure any unloved firearms that were worthwhile found a ‘good home’.  Also, to have something of a 2nd Amendment rally with it.  The crowd fluctuated between 80-120 for most of the time.


Here is a little of the sales pitch going on:

And then we had an interesting think happen.  Apparently, distributing Constitutions is a scary activity.

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