The Race for Texas House Speaker

UPDATE: Bryan Hughes and thrown his support behind David Simpson, an OUTSTANDING candidate for Speaker.

Yes, there will be one, despite the desires of the ‘Powers That Be’ in Austin.  This fight WILL continue for one very simple reason; even though we elect 150 State Representatives, all real power currently flows through the small handful that are committee chairs. This is not representative government!  Want any kind of bill passed? You have to bow to the Speaker and his Emporer’s Court (and come bearing political ‘gifts’, if you want consideration).

This simply must stop and Straus is not one who will do so.  We need more legislation reaching the floor for debate and the will of the people expressed with floor votes (some of which will undoubted be lost… but we will know where our representatives stand!).  The Democrats need this every bit as much as the conservative GOP members.  So it is time to free up the system and to do that, we need someone like Bryan Hughes, who has shown the courage to challenge,  to be elected Speaker of the Texas House.

If you support this effort to reduce the power of the  Good-Old-Boy oligarchy in Austin, you can show your support for Bryan Hughes by signing on here

One Response to The Race for Texas House Speaker

  1. Edweird says:

    Members interested in taking a Tea Party Road Trip to Austin (along with Tea Party Members from across the state) for the election of a House Speaker, should contact me ASAP. Please share this information with other local Tea Party members and groups.

    I can think of nothing more demonstrative of our commitment to taking back control of our government, and to restoring the will of the Citizens of Texas as the guidance in our governance (and our desire for a change at the House Speaker level) than for several thousands of P.O.’d Texans to show up in Austin to make sure our elected representatives understand that we want them to oust Straus!