Last-Minute Campaign Tactics also Speak to Character

Here is if a general rule that actually works out pretty well:

If you get a negative piece of information (mailer or robocall) on an opponent in the first week of Early voting, here are some serious things to consider:

  • The information was delivered in this timeframe SPECIFICALLY to prevent a response of the opponent; therefore, it is very likely without merit or there is a perfectly logical and acceptable answer for the issue.
  • The candidate who had the piece sent knows this – and does not care.  Their concern is winning, not ethics, nor any sense of fair play.  That speaks volumes about the character of the instigating candidate, NOT the target candidate.
  • This is often a hallmark of the ‘Powers That Be’- and specific consulting groups that they utilize to support their candidates.
  • You might consider the targeted candidate in a better light.  It may not be enough- one way or another to change your support (never support someone simply out of sympathy!), but it is one overall factor.

We are not aware of all the negative communications delivered this week, but we are aware of some.   We just wanted to warn our membership generally.  There is ONE thing MANY of these have in common; the political consultant firm of  Murphy-Turner.  They’ve even sunk to the level of trying to impersonate the fine Texans for Fiscal Responsibility organization.  In terms of ethical conduct, prostitution ranks well above these lowlifes.  Our recommendation to future candidates; if you hire Murphy-Turner, it will become VERY hard to overcome to gain TeaApproval.

A separate issue on the local front, we would question John Pitchford’s continual antics in the House District 67.  We’ve NEVER seen someone less interested in actually running himself and more interested in attacking a SINGLE opponent.  It has gotten unseemly, to say the least, trying  to turn these molehills of Jon Cole into the Himalayas.  We did not TeaApprove Jon but we certain condemn this political vendetta, whatever its source.  We might question some of Cole’s campaign tactics, but we firmly reject Pitchford’s.

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