Garland Senatorial Forum: Jeff Bolton Botches Moderator Duties

… And Ted Cruz missed the opportunity to demonstrate his ‘inner Reagan’.

The Garland Tea Party put on a great forum, but Ted Cruz was extremely late in arriving (apparently delayed by weather in a private plane he was arriving in: Update: His Spirit airlines flight out of Chicago O’Hare to Dallas was delayed from 4:05 to 4:50: cutting a flight out of the nightmare of O’Hare that close??  Not good managment.); arriving after the forum was over half over.  While Jeff Bolton had taken to giving mini-lectures while moderating, that error in judgement pales in comparison to what he did after Ted Cruz arrived.  This first picture is from the first part of the forum, with Glenn Addison, Andrew Castanuela, Curt Cleaver, and Lela Pittenger

And here it the picture of action immediately following Ted’s arrival.

Yes; after the break, Jeff Bolton kept the stage clear of all the others and let Ted address the previously asked questions alone to play catchup!

If you were late for a test, did your teacher ever clear the room for you to catch up?

The Garland Tea Party people were just as disgusted by this as several of us were; there is no fault there. People might want to call Jeff Bolton on KLIF radio this Friday morning and ask him about it.

Also, Ted obviously does not remember his campaign history about Reagan in the 1980 primary in the famous ‘Sir, I PAID for this microphone!’ incident; that came about because Reagan tried to invite the minor candidate to join him and Bush on stage for a brief time.  It was a matter of speaking up for fairness.  While tonight not Ted’s fault (beyond his somewhat excusable tardiness); he proved he was no Reagan tonight. (Not necessarily saying he’s ISN’T the best candidate, but that will need to be decided elsewhere).

Videos, polling results and explanation of the polling results will be upcoming in another posting.

UPDATE: here are the videos.  The second one of Ted Cruze byhimself was shot from the back of the room, without a tripod, so it’s a bit shaky:

11 Responses to Garland Senatorial Forum: Jeff Bolton Botches Moderator Duties

  1. Jeff says:

    For what it is worth, Ted did not arrive in a private plane…

  2. Richard Klein says:

    I was there in person and thought it was the best Tea Party meeting I have been to as of yet. As for the way Ted Cruze was handled I thought was very strange and unnecessary. The panel were giving the audience a good look into their motivation, qualifications and love of Christ….perhaps a little too much of that….more than necessary. Jeff sensed that and made a statement and a follow up question about his distrust of words without action.

    When Ted got there and was sitting by himself, he pontificated too much. He usually answered with a simple and sufficient answer…paused…and then rambled on. That was not necessary. Catching up should have taken no more than 10 minutes.

    When the whole panel came back, then things felt much better for me. All in all, the candidates did not suffer from this strangeness….they did not change my perspective of them with the whole panel able to talk.

    • Mike O says:

      I agree that other aspects of the forum were well handled with only minor issues. None of the problems lay with the Garland Tea Party, planning and execution; they did well. It was Bolton, and Ted’s failure to realize how bad the optics of the situation were.

  3. Alford Klein says:

    I say let’s give Ted another chance which we are doing 1 Oct in Plano. I don’t believe that asking
    the panel to leave the stage effected the outcome of the tea party meeting that night. I really liked the two candidates on each end of the panel but came to hear Ted since I had not heard anything from him before. Note: I’d like to hear Jeff answer to this question, “How does you being a professing Christian effect your radio talk show?

    • Mike O says:

      That’s what Oct. 1st; one of the last chances to get the enthusiasm he needs to build in the Tea Parties. He hasn’t really caught fire in the previous 4. The better polling results were as much a reflection of his campaign calling out the ‘traditional’ troops as anything else. and even then, voting is different than going out to work for the campaign. .

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  5. B Salem says:

    After the North Texas Tea Party even being affiliated with Jeff Bolten, I would not vote for any of their candidates. Bolten is a disgusting pig with his sexist and racist attitudes. I miss Daryl Ankarlo and the wonderful morning talk he always brought to Dallas. Bolten actually said this morning in the promo to his show how “victim’s of child sexual abuse could overcome and actually benefit from what happened to them” how 570 continues to allow such is beyond my comprehension. He also took the stand that the young woman (who had cerebral paulsey) who released the youtube of her father beating the holy (you know what) out of her, should not have released it to embarrass her father. Really a family court judge with such a horrific anger problems who obviousley enjoyed beating his 16 year old handicapped daughter and threatened to beat her face in and used such profanity should not have been exposed because it embarresed him? He said at one point he was going to BEAT HER INTO SUBMISSION, yea we need more judges like him, NOT

  6. Mike O says:

    Not affiliated with Jeff Bolton in any way. We were not even a sponsor of this event, but the next one (where the moderators did a VERY professional job). And this is hardly the place to take up any complaint you may have with him.