Eismann Beating; not for faint-hearted liberals

I’m starting to wonder about our local MoveOn/ACORN/union ObamaCare supporters.  Are they into abuse?  The beatdowns they have taken of late include at least 10 to 1 at Sen. Cornyn’s, 3 to 2 with a maximal effort in their own turf at CityPlace, 10 to one or more at the Irving .  They tried again at the Eismann Center in Richardson, TX at a Health Care Forum sponsored by four local congressmen.  They opened it with a simple audience poll:

Overall, this is at least 20 to 1 (the majority of them came 3 hours early to sit up front), in a place that maxes out at 2100, plus overflow rooms.

But remember what they tell us: the people want government health care!

Instead, the forum turned to:

1) Stating some of the many specific problems with the current legislation.

2) What innovative solutions are already helping alleviate some of the real problems of health care without Washington’s intervention.

Our Video Wizard’s top-notch work that captures the feel of the entire event:

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