Freedom isn’t Free

The Tea Parties need to make a difference in the political arena. Politicians listen to sources of money far more than to sources of volunteers.  However, as we all know we have MANY political donors among our Tea Party ranks; while generally not the large donors, we are numerous enough that our combined strength on the financial side is not insignificant- if it is recognizable.

But how do we let the candidates know that such donations are coming from Tea Party members- in a way that cannot be ignored (and not violate elections laws)? It’s actually very simple:


(1773 Being the year of the Boston Tea Party)

Using this simple mechanism, we identify ourselves with every check written, every credit card swiped.  We do it in a declaration of our independence, and in complete compliance with all election laws.  Where the amount is $17.73, $35.46, $177.30, or $1,773, it will say ‘The Tea Party was here!’.  And, if the donor does this on a monthly basis, it continues to register.

And it is important that we start making this impact for the next election cycle.  These amounts are small enough, with enough members and enough repetition, will stand out in the campaign offices and on the campaign finance reports.  We need this impact to start to say the Tea Parties are willing to play in ALL fields of political battle- even if we will play a more honest game of it.  We encourage EVERY Tea Party to pass onto its members this concept and ask them to start implementing it. It will make a difference.

Here are the TeaApproved candidates, sorted in the order we feel will have the most impact in Austin:

Race 2014 Candidate NTTP_teaApproved_2014_100px
State House, HD115

(Farmers Branch / N. Irving:
Opponent: Bennett Ratliff,
41.6% Fiscal Respons.)
Matt Rinaldi matt_rinaldi_100 DONATE!
State House, HD59

(Stephenville/Eckhart Cty:
Opponent: JD Sheffield,
27.5% Fiscal Respons.)
Danny Pelton danny_peltman_100 DONATE!
State Senate, SD8 Van Taylor—–

Scott Johnson




23 Responses to $17.73

  1. Sylvia says:

    LOVE IT! We need to make sure it’s made public though as well.

  2. Sam Fritcher says:

    Great Idea. Anyone who thinks you can do this without money and Tea Party Approval is kidding themselves.

  3. Andrew Piziali says:

    Fantastic idea!

  4. Doug Reeves says:

    This is a great idea.

  5. suzanne boyd-chapman says:

    Great Idea.

  6. Doug and Ruth Ann says:

    Great idea!

  7. I will be happy to give the effort a “plug” on our radio show.

  8. Fred Skeen says:

    Great Idea…will disseminate this information to the Wichita Falls Tea Party membership @ tomorrow evening meeting!

  9. Thanks Dave Leopard for sending your Richardson TX tea party efforts to your classmates — This classmate still in Ohio is passing along the information to our conservative grassroots organization in Brecksville, OH — the Cuyahoga Valley Republicans. The 1773 project is generating a lot of interest here. We also are intent on weeding out RINOs. We, all together, will prevail in taking our country back!

    • Mike O says:

      Georgia, glad there is such interest in the $17.73. As far as your RINO hunting efforts, I’d be happy to pass on any of our images for that free of charge (RINO in the crosshairs, or the Gadsden snake consuming a RINO).

  10. Terry says:

    very clever ! why didn’t i think of that?

  11. Darrell Day says:

    Love the $17.73 idea. Great idea!

    -Darrell Day

  12. Maryetta Cunningham says:

    Is the $17.73 effort still in effect (as of 8/14/12) I want to join NTTP and need to know specifics re dues, etc., meetings and locations. I live between Denton and Decatur, Texas. Thanks for information. skills4success@earthlink.net

    • Mike O says:

      As far as we’re concerned , it is. AN easy way to mark donations to CANDIDATES as to the source of the inspiration. As to joining NTTP, click the Join link and fill out the information and you’ll be on out list. If you have specific areas of volunteerism you are interested in, email the site and we’ll try to get you rolling.

  13. Susan Donaldson says:

    Rep. Sam Johnson’s staff members will be at the Parr Library Wed, 7-24-13 from 2 to 4 pm. I think as many of us as possible should show up and start voicing our opinions on immigration and Obamacare. It would be a shock to these people and might get Mr. Johnson’s attention. I doubt very many people show up at these meetings, and I think we need to change that. He represents us, and I think he has forgotten that.

    • Mike O says:

      Just met with Sam and express my EXTREME disappointment for being part of the Gang of Seven in the House. Fortunately it has collapsed, and nothing will be coming out of it- the Dems insisted on full healthcare for the illegal immigrants.

  14. Matt Rinaldi says:

    The small donations matter! Not only do they show grassroots support, they really do keep candidates going. The most memorable donation I’ve ever gotten was a $10 donation from a supporter I know didn’t have it to spare. Lobbyists could put whatever pressure on me they want. I could never break a promise to that man who put his faith in me.

    • Tom Jones says:

      Can you let us know what unbreakable promises you made to the guy with the $10. If I disagree with them, I ‘d like to know before I support someone who’s beholden to an individual whose idea of what is wrong differ greatly from mine.

      • Mike O says:

        If you are talking about a recent donation made to us: absolutely none, as we never solicited the donation ourselves. We never even had contact with him before. It was specific in funding distribution of voter guides that had already been established and was frankly a complete shock to us.

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